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All songs written by Jodie Nicholson, except

Another Frequency (co-written with Sam Griffiths),

What If I (co-written with Harri Endersby-Marsh)

and Limit (co-written with Joe Ramsey)


Produced by Jodie Nicholson

Engineered by Luke Elgie and Josh Ingledew

Recorded at Blank Studios/The John Marley Centre (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), The Glasshouse ‘Summer Studios’ residency (Gateshead) and Jodie’s home.

Mixed by Oli Deakin, Lowpines

Mastered by Katie Tavini


Performed by:

Jodie Nicholson - Piano, MIDI Instruments [Synths, Drums, Strings], Vocals, Electric Guitar, Atmospherics, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Synths, Tambourine

Francesca Knowles - Drums (Bad Dream, Embers, Situation, What If I, Starlight, Here I Am, Limit, Love, I’m on Fire)

Joe Ramsey - Bass Guitar (Bad Dream, Situation, Starlight, Here I Am, Limit, Love, I’m on Fire), Vocals (Limit)

Sam Griffiths - Bass Guitar, Vocals (Another Frequency)

Luke Elgie - Bass Guitar (What If I, Flesh & Blood)

Artwork Photography - Ellen Dixon

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