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All songs written by Jodie Nicholson, except

Another Frequency (co-written with Sam Griffiths),

What If I (co-written with Harri Endersby-Marsh)

and Limit (co-written with Joe Ramsey)


Produced by Jodie Nicholson

Engineered by Luke Elgie and Josh Ingledew

Recorded at Blank Studios/The John Marley Centre (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), The Glasshouse ‘Summer Studios’ residency (Gateshead) and Jodie’s home.

Mixed by Oli Deakin, Lowpines

Mastered by Katie Tavini


Performed by:

Jodie Nicholson - Piano, MIDI Instruments [Synths, Drums, Strings], Vocals, Electric Guitar, Atmospherics, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Synths, Tambourine

Francesca Knowles - Drums (Bad Dream, Embers, Situation, What If I, Starlight, Here I Am, Limit, Love, I’m on Fire)

Joe Ramsey - Bass Guitar (Bad Dream, Situation, Starlight, Here I Am, Limit, Love, I’m on Fire), Vocals (Limit)

Sam Griffiths - Bass Guitar, Vocals (Another Frequency)

Luke Elgie - Bass Guitar (What If I, Flesh & Blood)

Artwork Photography - Ellen Dixon

A special thank you to


My incredible manager, Henry, whom this album would not be the same without. Thank you for always meeting my music with ambition, enthusiasm, creativity and support. Your belief and encouragement throughout the making of Safe Hands shaped it into the record I’d always dreamt it being. I’m grateful for everything you do and what we continue to achieve together.


Henry and Joe at Quiet Crown, Kate and the wider team at Absolute, Matt and the wider team at Wipe Out Music, Matt at Runway, and Amanda, Katie and Lloyd at All About Promotions. Thank you all for your commitment to championing this record behind the scenes and helping Safe Hands reach far and wide.

Blank Studios for having me, the North East is very lucky to have you on its doorstep. Luke and Josh for engineering this music with enthusiasm and great chat. Thank you for helping me landscape this music with glorious mics, instruments and what not, and for encouraging me to find what makes me feel most comfortable recording in a studio space.


The incredible people and organisations behind ‘Culture of Belonging’ (The F-List for Music, Help Musicians, Miloco Studios, Catherine Anne Davies, Dr Isobel Anderson and Lottie Field), that I was very lucky to attend in January 2022. Thank you for giving me the confidence to create my first studio album and be the sole producer across an entire record, you truly inspired the ethos behind Safe Hands.


The amazing musicians, songwriters and friends who feature across the record:

Sam Griffiths, Harri Endersby-Marsh, Joe Ramsey, Francesca Knowles and Luke Elgie. Safe Hands is even more special because of you. Thank you for everything and making this record a joy to create. Rich Endersby-Marsh for helping me shape the drum arrangements for Bad Dream, Situation and Starlight in their embryonic stages. Fran for bringing the final recordings to life on drums, witnessing you record Embers will always be a personal highlight.

Oli Deakin and Katie Tavini for bringing your magic and giving these arrangements so much life, colour and continuity. I am extremely grateful for everything you brought to this music.


Rianne, Lucy, Matthew and Adele at The Glasshouse International Centre for Music for their ongoing, generous support in my development as an artist; ‘Summer Studios’ brought so much clarity to this project. I arrived with twelve songs and left with an album.

Brad Kulisic for his ongoing support, kind words and wisdom. Shakk for championing this

music on and off the BBC Introducing airwaves in the North East.


Ellen Dixon for the stunning album artwork photography, saved from our first shoot together in January 2021, and each of the surrounding images to promote this chapter, assisted by Chris Davis. Thank you both.


Press On Vinyl for bringing the vinyl version of Safe Hands to life.

The biggest thank you to my dad for his constant belief, encouragement, intuition and undying realism. You will always be my number one fan.

My partner Joe for his unwavering love, support, humour and patience during the creation of this record. The many cuppa and chocolate-fuelled deliveries truly pulled me through the editing stages. Thank you for riding each wave with me. I’m so proud we got to create a portion of this record together with Limit.


Thank you to my friends and family, whom I’m sure are very relieved this album is finished and that I might finally start talking about something else! You all have the patience of saints. I hope it’s been worth the wait.

Lastly, to you, the holder and owner of this very copy of the record. Thank you so much for sharing this chapter with me and purchasing Safe Hands in physical format. I hope it has many happy spins and you love diving into each song, finding your own meanings within them and revisiting Safe Hands in the years to come. This was a very special and important record for me to make, and I am incredibly grateful that you wish to spend time with this music.

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